Speculum of the Other Woman by Luce Irigaray

Speculum of the Other Woman

Speculum of the Other Woman Luce Irigaray ebook
Page: 365
Format: pdf
ISBN: 0801493307, 9780801493300

Porn has never made me feel bad about my .. [i] Luce Irigaray: Belgian-born French feminist, philosopher, linguist,psychoanalyst, sociologist and cultural theorist. As a sexual outsider (a dyke, a trans woman, a devout pervert, and a variety of other things), I rarely find porn that depicts anything resembling my actual sex life. Like Irigaray's Speculum of the Other Woman, that uses Freud's own words to tear apart his theory of femininity. Or what about other feminist theory that uses the master's tools precisely to dismantle his house? Examples of what I have in mind include: Carole Pateman, The Sexual Contract, Cambridge and Oxford: Polity 1988; and Luce Irigaray, Speculum of the Other Woman (trans. On the other hand, it does not actually cover the woman or hide her naked body from the viewer, in a way that might have suggested the sacrificing of completely accurate scientific discovery to the modesty of the woman pictured. My relationship with porn has been a happy one. Known for her defence of the phallogocentric argument, which Belgian feminist philosopher and cultural theorist is known for works such as Speculum of the Other Woman (1974) and This Sex Which Is Not One (1977)? This particular entry of yours reminded me of something i read in my critical theory art philosophy class, “Speculum of the Other Woman” by Luce Irigaray. Best reviews of Speculum of the Other Woman. (trans.1985) Speculum of the Other Woman, New York: Cornell University Press, available from

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